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You’ve Got Mail. Will Email Marketing Make a Comeback in 2021?

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Email Marketing

The keywords of today’s digital world are: Privacy, Consent, Personalisation, Ad-free, and super-human customer service. These words may very well be the definition of Email Marketing. Since Email Marketing is the very first digital marketing channel, year after year, we find ourselves bracing for its final demise. Yet Email Marketing technologies have only shown to […]


[Infographic] – SEO Page Experience Signal

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SEO Page Experience Signal Infographic

Understanding the Page Experience Signal in Under 10 Minutes. Key Information: It is made up of 5 sub-signals Good content score continues to be prioritized over page experience signal It applies object-oriented approach to UX (user experience) ranking factors The 5 Sub-signals: Core Web Vitals Mobile Pop-up Algorithm Mobile Friendliness HTTPS Safe Browsing Core Web […]

Cyber Security

[Infographic] Types of Malware

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Types of Malware - And How To Stay Safe

Know what they are and stay safe from malicious scripts and malware. There really are just 8 main types of malware to be aware of. The rest is knowing which goes into which category. The 8 Types of Malware Adware Automatically displays unwanted advertisement to internet users. Clicking on these ads would redirect users to […]


When and When Not To Use WordPress?

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Wordpress Content Management System

One of the first things you will have to tackle when transforming your business to online is having a website. For many cases today, it’s not even a question of transforming to online, but it’s a given to have a website as soon as you start a business – whether it’s sole proprietorship such as […]

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[Video] Our Tips For Marketing In The Dark – 2020 and Beyond

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We’ve tested, failed some, succeeded some and learned. In this video, we’re sharing 3 simple tips that we found very useful for ourselves, incase it comes in handy for anyone else. See video transcription below! Tips for Marketing in the Dark With Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul – Executive Consultant (Digital Marketing and MarTech) Video Transcription Hi there, […]