[Infographic] How Technology Is Shaping The Digital World – Trends 2019

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Technology has been shaping the way we do marketing for the past decade, whether it’s smarter search engines, programmatic ad buying or email automation. However, there’s yet more to come. We have now reached the age of artificial intelligence, robotics process automation and hyper personalization. Here are some interesting trends for 2019 we have curated and shortlisted. CHATBOT 2% of customer service related work have been using chatbot technology in 2017. This is predicted to increase to up to 25% by 2020. Consequently, 80% of […]

What Different Generation Do Online?

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People born during different periods result in differences in perspectives, opinions and way of life.  Depending on when a person was born, accessibility to certain things vary accordingly. For instance, people born in the mid 1900s, certainly did not have coloured television, high speed transportation or advanced computers.  On the other hand, children born in the twentieth century probably can not survive a day without ipads, iphones, video games or the internet. This is called the generation gap and happens generation to generation because modern […]

What Is An Algorithm?

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In order to get robots, computer or other electronic gadgets to clean the floor, walk or pick up certain things, a set of commands is needed for them to do exactly what is required. Algorithms are the the step-by-step instructions or conditions that give the so-called robots instructions to perform the task accordingly.   In addition, Algorithms are also used in our daily lives in uncomplicated ways when we make decisions. For example – what are the conditions for you to prioritize one task over […]

enterprise seo tips

5 Enterprise SEO Tips for 2019

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While the fundamentals of SEO and Enterprise SEO are the same, there is a huge difference between doing SEO for a blog, an e-commerce platform or comparison website. Standard SEO checklists that include things such as, completing XML sitemap, meta properties, writing up 1,800 words content articles, image optimization and alt-tags, might work for a smaller website and blog-style websites. But if you’re talking about doing SEO for a website of over 1,000 pages, you’re talking something else altogether. Here, you’d be talking about Enterprise […]

Content Marketing Newbie Guide

What Is Content Marketing? (Newbie Guide)

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Content marketing is very diverse.  There is no definitive definition as to what exactly is content marketing. A simple explanation would be a way of generating and spreading relevant information to targeted viewers who may potentially become consumers in the future. This could be done through various ways – for instance a short note, a photograph, a picture, or even a video clip.  One of the key success factors of content marketing is deciding what to included in the advertisements as well as what to […]

What is a Data Artist?

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The world is made up of data. Anything you see on your screen is made from code and plus, codes serve as a digital entity’s skeletal structure. Data is important but have you ever asked yourself why data is important? More importantly, do you know what the words and numbers mean before you submit your monthly report? This is where data scientists come in; they read between the lines and identify problems and offer solutions to the organization to capitalize on, for example. Other uses […]

Digital Channels to Invest in

Digital Marketing 2019: What Channels To Invest In?

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Wondering what digital marketing channels best to invest in this 2019? The short answer would be, it depends on your industry, objective and budget. However, let’s take a look at some insights and what research says are some of the more effective channels. Digital Marketing Channels With Largest Commercial Impact According to a global research by Smart Insights, respondents expect that content marketing will continue to play a big role and considered the top channel to have commercial impact. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is given the […]

SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search?

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By now, we are all probably quite confident that voice search is really happening and may very soon become the new norms for online search. The bigger question, is what about SEO for voice search? Will there be such a thing and will it even be possible. The short answer: very well so. The long answer: we’ve seen Google and other search engines’s technology advancement over the past few years, and quite obviously artificially intelligence and language sciences have played quite a big role in […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2019_Featured Image

[Infographic] Digital Marketing Trends 2019

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What should you expect to happen in the digital world when 2019 hits? Will we a surge of AI dominance across the digital landscape? Will content continue to reign supreme? Or do you think a new type of algorithm will bust out and change the way we search? Let’s take a look at next year’s (possible) digital marketing trends in 2019 in our handy-dandy infographic, courtesy of Enablerspace! Like and follow us for more: