What is a Data Artist?

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The world is made up of data. Anything you see on your screen is made from code and plus, codes serve as a digital entity’s skeletal structure. Data is important but have you ever asked yourself why data is important? More importantly, do you know what the words and numbers mean before you submit your monthly report? This is where data scientists come in; they read between the lines and identify problems and offer solutions to the organization to capitalize on, for example. Other uses […]

Digital Channels to Invest in

Digital Marketing 2019: What Channels To Invest In?

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Wondering what digital marketing channels best to invest in this 2019? The short answer would be, it depends on your industry, objective and budget. However, let’s take a look at some insights and what research says are some of the more effective channels. Digital Marketing Channels With Largest Commercial Impact According to a global research by Smart Insights, respondents expect that content marketing will continue to play a big role and considered the top channel to have commercial impact. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is given the […]

SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search?

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By now, we are all probably quite confident that voice search is really happening and may very soon become the new norms for online search. The bigger question, is what about SEO for voice search? Will there be such a thing and will it even be possible. The short answer: very well so. The long answer: we’ve seen Google and other search engines’s technology advancement over the past few years, and quite obviously artificially intelligence and language sciences have played quite a big role in […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2019_Featured Image

[Infographic] Digital Marketing Trends 2019

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What should you expect to happen in the digital world when 2019 hits? Will we a surge of AI dominance across the digital landscape? Will content continue to reign supreme? Or do you think a new type of algorithm will bust out and change the way we search? Let’s take a look at next year’s (possible) digital marketing trends in 2019 in our handy-dandy infographic, courtesy of Enablerspace! Like and follow us for more:

Are You Ready to Become a Digital Nomad?

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Imagine this; a quiet coffee shop, the smell of roasted coffee beans, smooth jazz beats roll over your head, and your laptop in front of you. The world falls into quiet murmurs as your fingers type away without a care in the world. You’re relaxed, happy, and focused. That’s the life you’ve always dreamt. Is it? Is it possible to leave your desk job, get paid handsomely, and be happy? Yep. It’s called digital nomadism, and it’s here to rock your world. Like and follow […]

Why Progressive Web Apps Will Become a Game-Changer

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) might be a game-changer for businesses. Okay, that’s cool, but that’s so special about it? Do companies need to invest in developing an app? Are customers required to install an app? Nope. PWA works differently than a native app; websites implemented with the code allow sites to operate identically to a native app. No installs required. That’s pretty cool! But, how cool is cool? Let’s take a quick look, shall we? Like and follow us for more:

Digital Transformation

[Infographic] Digital Transformation: From Disrupted to Digital-First Organization

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What it takes to become a digital-first organization? Let’s see some global statistics and survey of IT and Management decision makers. Key Insights: Number of connected IoT endpoints set to top 30 billion in 2020 and reach 80 billion by 2025 37% of organizations have already started integrating and executing a digital-first approach Biggest Obstacles: 39% insufficient funds 36% lack of staff/skills 34% legacy system replacement 33% cultural issues Human Resources: By 2020, there will be 2.7 million job postings for data science and analytics […]

What is App Indexing?

What is App Indexing?

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What is App Indexing? What on earth is app indexing? Have you heard about it? Yes? No? Well, don’t worry about it; it’s very simple. App indexing happens when Google deploys spiders to crawl through web pages to hunt for new and updated information. They crawl around the web and retrieves relevant information according to the user’s search query. Think of it as showing people the newest and latest magazine rather than an old, dingy book from 10 years ago! Since information is constantly updated […]