Digital Transformation

[Infographic] Digital Transformation: From Disrupted to Digital-First Organization

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What it takes to become a digital-first organization? Let’s see some global statistics and survey of IT and Management decision makers. Key Insights: Number of connected IoT endpoints set to top 30 billion in 2020 and reach 80 billion by 2025 37% of organizations have already started integrating and executing a digital-first approach Biggest Obstacles: 39% insufficient funds 36% lack of staff/skills 34% legacy system replacement 33% cultural issues Human Resources: By 2020, there will be 2.7 million job postings for data science and analytics […]

Digital Transformation – A Paradigm Shift For Leaders

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Digital disruption? Doesn’t matter whether you’re a corporate professional, a teacher, a doctor, a stay-home mom, teenager or owner of a local restaurant chain, we can all feel the digital disruption and its impact on even the most mundane of tasks, such as grocery shopping. The rapid growth (and adoption) of technology has changed how societies, communities and families interact, consume media and purchase goods. Market Leaders Crumble Under Digital Disruption The digital transformation challenge is apparently not only faced by small scale businesses, but […]

digital quotient

The Role of Digital Quotient and Our Digital Future

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Just last year in 2017, headlines read: “Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens”. Which apparently is about the Chinese government’s plans to launch a Social Credit system by 2020 which would judge the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion residents. The system itself would be heavily based on technology and reliable internet infrastructure. “People with low ratings will have slower internet speeds; restricted access to restaurants and the removal of the right to travel”, says Rachel Botsman, author of ‘Who […]

Moneyball Sabermetrics

Moneyball Sabermetrics: As a Team Management Philosophy

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In business and marketing, many of us are probably familiar with the story “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game”. However, the majority of us probably see it from an data analytics and statistics point of view. In other words, the practice of looking into data and statistics to drive a team of misfits to win championships. In fact, there is a lot more to Moneyball than crunch data; it’s about successful leadership and team management practice. When Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane […]

[Infographic] Digital Transformation: The Role of Digital Quotient DQ

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Many of us are quite familiar with IQ and EQ. But what about DQ (Digital Quotient). In a world where technology is fast-impacting individuals’ lives and organizational operations, DQ is becoming more and more important. Here’s everything you need to know about DQ in less than 15 mins: Raising Your Digital Quotient What is Digital Intelligence? Digital Rights Digital Literacy Digital Communication Digital Emotional Intelligence Digital Identity Digital Security Digital Use Digital Safety Digital Transformation starts with DQ. It is the sum of social, emotional […]

Thailand Digital Talent Gap

Bridging The Digital Talent Gap – A Workforce Challenge For Thailand

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Innovative and creative ways to attract and retain digital talent is a much discussed topic world-wide. The digital talent gap is in fact huge and is a prominent concern. For Thailand, the challenge goes way beyond the HR department and head hunters. “Thailand needs to urgently build a digital workforce with IT skills to cope with the transformation of existing businesses and industries” — Bangkok Post 2017 According to a research by the Online Marketing Institute, this is how business leaders are evaluating their current […]

growth hacking heros

Growth Hacking Fails: Why The Growth Hacker Is No Hero

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In today’s business, we see way too many startups appear on the scene to even be able to keep count. And if you talk to most startup founders, you’ll find that they’re all after the same proverbial hockey stick growth graph; and this all comes from the financial projection for investors. The idea being, the steeper the graph, the faster projected timeline to exit and begin the process all over again. This is one of the main reasons that the term growth hacking has become […]