[Community Update] Kasetsart University Digital Marketing Knowledge Sharing

22 February 2018 – It is with great privilege to have been invited for an opportunity to share digital marketing knowledge to the student body of Kasetart University Faculty of Social Sciences. Thank you to the faculty, professors and staff for their kind hospitality throughout the seminar.

During the event, our digital marketing enablers shared digital marketing insights and knowledge on 3 core topics:

1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing

During this session, Patara Patamayothin, shared with the students details about digital marketing channels, touching on SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Native Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and the various other digital marketing channels (disciplines). Patara also explained the difference between the traditional customer journey versus the digital customer journey, key statistics and insights, wrapping up the session with Thailand 4.0. How the country went from Thailand 1.o, moving forwards to 4.0 and what it means, as well as the role of digital technologies and marketing.

Kasetsart University Digital Session with EnablerSpace
2 – Social Media and he Generations

In this second session, Alongkorn Niyomdecha described social media from both the audience and marketer’s point of view and how it differs. He continues to dwell into the various generations and differences in perspectives, mindset and preference as well as how it impacts social media use. Alongkorn explains how it’s not enough to think millennials only anymore, given that there is a growing Generation Z, ‘Centennials’ who are the true digital natives. And this generation has learnt the mistakes from millennials in terms of internet privacy; hence marketing to Centennials may be even more challenging.

Alongkorn Niyomdecha - KU Digital Training

3 – eCommerce, Omnichannel and Personalization

In the last session, Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul takes the students and faculty through the various stages of the eCommerce Lifecycle, sharing insights on where Thailand is in terms of eCommerce development. Going on to explain the gradual change from traditional marketing to omnichannel, as oppose to multi-channel. And finally wrapping up the session on personalization, customer experience, and the role of big data in personalization marketing.


Kasetsart University Digital Session with EnablerSpace 2

Slides and insights shared during the event can be downloaded as follows:

KU – Session 1 – Intro Digital Marketing

KU – Session 2 – Social Media & Generations

KU – Session 3 – eCommerce Lifecycle

Thank you again for the opportunity to share and distribute digital marketing knowledge to the student body. And for the engaging Question and Answer session at the end. Looking forwards to sharing more digital marketing knowledge to everyone. Until next time!

Enabler Space Team