Online Marketing Services in a Budget-conscious Time

At the time this article was written - it’s been almost half a year now since the coronavirus struck our community. Since then we’ve been forced to change our lifestyle behaviours on certain activities in order to adapt and embrace the “new normal”. One thing that is in everyone’s daily routines for some time now is likely working remotely from home. But the behaviour change isn’t only happening with individuals like us. During this time of the global pandemic and economic state, many companies are also having to adapt in order to survive.

According to reports from business and marketing news pages, there have been layoffs, cuts, and furloughs happening everywhere. One interesting report from Influencer MarketingHub says that 69% of brands expect that they will be decreasing their ad spend in 2020. This figure is from a survey carried out before the end of March.

Source: Influencer MarketingHub

Source: Influencer MarketingHub

There is also another report back in May 2020 from The Drum stating that global brands are likely to freeze their ad spend for another 6 months due to the Covid-19 situation. Even tech-giant like Google stated in April that they will be cutting their marketing budget up to 50% for the third and fourth quarter of 2020. There are also various other summary reports from Forbes to Business Insider that either states or hints about layoffs and downsizing of many companies.

As you can see from the reports, many companies are now more conscious about spending much more than before. Think furloughs,  layoffs, and budget cuts. Some areas that are likely prone to be impacted are marketing budget and advertising budget, and no one really knows how long will the situation last. So how will business survive with the current state of global caution where budgets are limited and work contracts are not guaranteed. If you are someone who’s pondering about this and is in the dead-center of the situation - we may just have the service that can help. Our newest aid for all things digital called Digital Helpdesk is designed to provide micro digital services. Here’s how the tool works and how it can help businesses operate with budget constraints.

Who are we?

First off all, you might want to know what Digital Helpdesk is. So to briefly answer that question, Digital Helpdesk is a new online marketing service offered by Enabler Space that works like anon-demand service option. You can purchase a package of any size you like, depending on what you need and what fits best for your needs. But one thing that our service is unique from other marketing services is with Digital Helpdesk we offer you micro size services. Essentially - you don’t have to use all of the services that come in a standard monthly package but select only what you need and when you need them on a case-by-case basis. That’s why we’d like to define our service as a budget friendly service. If you’d like to find out about micro size services just click here.

Budget Friendly, Suitable and Flexible for Everyone

In times like this it’s more important than ever to know and get the highest outcome from an investment. With Digital Helpdesk, we can help you achieve your marketing goals while in control of how much you spend for each task.Let’s say you are a medium sized business that is ready to launch and already have a marketing plan but you just need a little help on how to start doing it online. If you have just 1 or 2 aspects you need help with like setting up your platform - you can get us to help with just those tasks rather than the complete set-up.With Digital Helpdesk, you can choose  and pay for the services you truly need.

If you are interested in our service please visit Digital Helpdesk and check out our packages. Or if you have any burning questions, you may want to check out our FAQ section. That will be it for today. See you again next time. Until then, be safe and stay healthy!