Get to know the new pocket-size digital marketing service, Microservice!

Get to know the new pocket-size digital marketing service, Microservice!

When talking about “Microservice”, people are most likely used to the meaning in terms of software development where things are developed in smaller and more manageable projects that are later combined into the complete whole. But did you know that digital marketing does have this micro thing too? We - Digital Helpdesk are here, ready to share some tips so you can learn more about our digital marketing microservice and how that can help you with your digital marketing needs and strategy to complement a limited budget.

What exactly is the “micro” in digital marketing micro-service, and how does it work?

When we start with internet marketing or digital service, there are many steps before you get to the final marketing plan. Things that go into the planning phase for example may include media planning, strategic planning, data analysis, or even advertisement channel budget allocation. When pursuing a digital strategy, one often finds themself stumbling upon multiple questions along the way - which all could be simplified by getting an media or marketing agency to take over.

With this solution however - you lose some automation depending on the service and company you choose to work with. Some may preferentially prefer one platform over the other - while others may not be as versed with the platform your company is using. At times - the price range could be quite high that it simply isn’t affordable for some businesses.

So for those with a limited budget for their digital marketing strategy or would like to be in more control of their marketing campaigns - our digital marketing microservice may offer you just what you need. Rather than a full service at the full price-tag - Digital Helpdesk is like a compact marketing package for those who need help with only bits and pieces along the way.

Micro digital service, or in other words,niche digital services. Imagine your entire marketing strategy like a school with many different departments and functions. We can think of full-service marketing as the headmaster or school director who is in charge of managing everything. The micro part in this synonym is  like a specialist teacher in the school who are trained to teach and instruct very specific classes. Both have different pros and cons, and you now have a choice to choose what’s best for your business needs. On the one hand, you can hand over the principal role and get someone to manage all of your marketing needs and get the full scale digital marketing services. While on the other hand, you can hire a part-time teacher to consult and implement parts of your marketing efforts while staying in control of the overall campaign and get the micro digital service.

As an example - if your business lacks the man-power to manage Facebook content well, you might decide to use the microservice specifically to get our experienced marketing specialists to maintain an active and engaging Facebook page. Now you can focus your efforts on different aspect of the campaigns like business partnership, public relations and much more.

For small and medium-sized businesses, sometimes a full marketing service could add up to a large amount, and occasionally may even seem to be extravagant or too much. Additionally, being successful on an online platform is not something that you can accomplish in just a couple of weeks or months. It does take some time - possibly up to more than a year to gain traffic and loyal and returning customers. So the difficult stage is then - jump-starting your online presence with a limited marketing budget. If budget and data ownership is a concern - then our niche service is the perfect starter for your business. With customizable periods and flexible prices, you are bound to find the package that is just-right for your business needs, while getting the reliability of working with an incorporated entity. Our Digital Helpdesk is designed so you can confidently take the first step knowing that you have support and comfortably move to a larger or smaller plan as your business unravels.

Learn more about microservice and Digital Helpdesk

Our Digital Helpdesk solution covers a wide range of digital marketing and technology needs for both beginners and even experienced marketers. Whether you need help with online advertising, content marketing, SEO, UAT requirements for websites and other adtech and martech integration - our Digital Enablers can help.. As an example, you might know that the GTM tool can be used to easily implement tracking. Unfortunately, you might not know how to exactly set it up on your own website. Also, it can be scary to learn it all by yourself through trial and error. This is the time when a pocket-size service is needed the most. Since you only want consultation or help with something small, getting the full service is probably an overkill.

Our Digital Helpdesk marketing solution allows you to customize, personalize, and modify services to your own requirements. We offer various packages starting very small to enterprise level requirements. At Enabler Space, our specialists, who have had experience in the marketing and digital development industry for more than 20 years, are here to answer every question for you. Should you have any questions - our team is more than happy to help discern your requirements and suggest the package that would best match your needs. Our solution is not only offered to  small and medium-sized businesses, but also for larger and enterprise level clients who are looking for a more regular and routine marketing effort. Simplify the challenges when doing SEO, advertisement, data analytics, marketing tools implementation, website development with our micro digital service.

Digital Helpdesk is an extension of Enabler Space to offer a more customizable service requirements. If you are interested in the team details and other types of our services, please do not hesitate to also visit Enabler Space for more information!

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