Who are the Digital Enablers who will be handling my tickets?

These Digital Enablers are a collection of digital marketing veterans and tech specialists, with years of experience working with clients from a wide range of industries both in Thailand and abroad.

Will I get notified if my package is about to expire?

Yes, you will automatically receive an email notification from our system 7 days and 1 day before the package expiration date.

What happens to the remaining credits if my package expires?

There are 2 different scenarios for this case. If you already submitted a ticket and your credits have been held prior to the expiration date, the credits that are held are still valid until your ...

Are there any discount plans such as referral rewards or mileage rewards?

There are no discount plans or mileage rewards available at the moment. Each package has an inherent discount. At the Pricing page, you can see that you will save 5% if you choose the Medium package ...

What happen if my account got hacked or there was an unauthorised used of my account?

Please email helpdesk@enablerspace.com with the subject [Digital Helpdesk] My Account Got Hacked and include in the body your account information (username, phone number, current package, and billing ...