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What services does Digital Helpdesk cover? How do I know if what I need is supported?

Digital Helpdesk covers various services regarding digital marketing and marketing technology, with departments listed as follows:
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. Advertising
3. Data Analytics
4. Marketing Technology
5. GTM
6. Cyber Security
7. Support Live Chat

Please see additional detail to different department services below:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - We are here to help you improve your website performance in order to rank better on search engines.
Advertising - Need some help with your media plan, brand awareness, or running a promotional campaign? Let us help.
Data Analytics - Both SEO and Advertising needs monitoring and analyzing. We are here to help you to debug data collection and tracking issues as well as provide support on analyzing performance records and optimization for the highest outcome.
Marketing Technology - Implementing tools and technology to support your marketing strategies. (Excluding software customization.)
GTM - Track your audiences’ certain behaviours on certain platforms.
Cyber Security - Monitor your website’s and WordPress’ security. Give advice on IT security issues.
Support Live Chat - All of the above, but you can live chat with us on our platform.

However, the services that you will get depends on which package you choose to purchase. Not all packages come with the same services - to learn more please check out our package comparison page. If you are looking for support beyond the scope covered by our Digital Helpdesk services, you may want to check out our Enterprise Package.