5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas
The days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder. Okay fine, only the first part of that statement is true. It’s the holiday season and holiday shopping is upon us. If you haven’t already, you should be starting your holiday marketing campaigns.

It’s not all about sales and promotions during the holiday season. There are many ways to hop on the holiday marketing bandwagon in order to gain more revenue, customers, and market share. Creativity and channel distribution are important factors. Being creative brings in new customers and entertains returning ones, and channel distribution ensures that you can spread your product as wide as is possible. This is especially important in the increasingly digital world and particularly a world where the Covid-19 pandemic has propelled online shopping to never before seen heights. 

Cater To Those In A Rush

There’s always someone who forgets to buy a gift, decides to buy one late, or leaves it till late in the hope of last second promotions. Your holiday marketing campaign can show them how doing business with you can alleviate the misery of holiday shopping. You can offer free shipping on any orders made before a certain deadline, provide buy 1 get 1 offers, or a small gift with each purchase. Another good idea is to let them know that shopping with you is easy, convenient, and allows them to avoid all the hassle of dealing with crowds of Christmas shoppers and the traffic jams that come with them. The possibilities are endless. Pro tip, create a sense of urgency. Add a countdown that tells people when certain sales and promotions are ending. It’ll give potential customers another reason to think that they should show with you immediately.

Implement SEOs in your Holiday Marketing

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that SEOs take the day off as well. Many people don’t make any changes to their SEOs during this time period and are left wondering at why they didn’t perform as well. Use Google Trends and other online marketing tools to identify keywords to fit the season and help boost your holiday marketing campaigns. To reiterate, check your existing SEOs, research for more, or consult with an expert. Also, it’s not just keywords you should be looking at, there’s more to SEO than that. Another important thing is tags. If you’re not sure what that is we have a great infographic that explains it in a clear and concise manner. The 5 Absolutely Must-Have SEO Tags.

Giveaway Time

I’m not saying to give your time away, I mean you absolutely donate some of your time to volunteering and doing good, but you also need to do giveaways. It helps to boost brand awareness, get more social media followers, and it promotes your products! People can sign up and fulfill the requirements which usually involve liking, commenting, and sharing your post and page. You can even partner up with other brands or businesses and it becomes a win win situation. Both sets of followers find out about the brand they follow and the partner one. It’s a classic social media tactic to feature another personality and link to their page or channel. Why let only YouTubers profit from it?

Giving Back

Giving again, but this time giving back not away. This season is the season of giving. It’s not just about sales. When you associate your brand or business with a charity or cause, you get to show your consumers your values. Modern consumers care more and more about this kind of thing. And it’s good! I’m not just saying that you should do this to make people think that you’re good. A portion of your holiday sales, fees, or profits can be donated to a charity or social cause. You can even provide a channel for those who want to donate more than the portion you set aside. Making the world a better place helps everyone, including yourself. 

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Share A Free Resource

Another win-win situation here. Collecting emails for your email marketing is still important. What is email marketing? Click the sentence before this one to read about it in less than 15 minutes. Create a free downloadable resource and use it to gather emails. This is obviously targeted to businesses not doing e-commerce. Maybe you’re providing a service or maybe it’s a study guide or worksheet from an online tutor. Once you have emails, you can send messages, promotions and exclusive offers, mini courses, and oh so much more to them. 

The Crux of the Holiday Marketing Matter

Holiday marketing campaigns don’t need to be complicated or elaborate. You just need to put in a little effort to tailor it to the times. Do your research and provide services and products that people are looking for. The holidays are a time of cheer, but at the same time they can be stressful for people. Any way you can help them out, they’ll appreciate and most probably jump right aboard any good offer you have.