5G Network: What’s the Lowdown?

5G Network: What's the Lowdown?
The latest G, the fifth G or generation, is here and is slowly being implemented across the world. Not harder to work with, but better, faster, stronger, for you electronic fans out there. 

The 5G network is the latest generation in the development of the internet and in particular cellular mobile technology. It is different to the previous generation, 4G/LTE, in that it is totally new. It isn’t just an evolution of older networks. Let’s take a little look at how exactly it’s different.

What’s Different About the 5G Network?

First of all, it’s faster! I mean we love speed. Whether it’s cars, bikes, our computer processors and RAM, or the internet. Faster is better. The minimum speed possible, depending on an entire range of factors, is projected to be even faster than the current fibre networks that we have. The 5G network will be 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G/LTE network speeds available.

Secondly, it has lower latency. What’s that? I had to google it. Latency is the duration of time that it takes to get a response from information that has been sent. 5G network latency will be up to 40 times faster, or more responsive than the current network connection. 

And, and, and! We’ll be able to connect more devices to networks at the same time! Meaning, that during peak usage times our internet isn’t going to get slower! Gamers rejoice! No more apparently inexplicable lag. No more angry calls to your internet service provider about your internet speed not being what it was advertised to be. Live streams and events will be even easier to run or host, and event producers won’t have to stress out over whether the connection will be strong enough or if there will be too much lag or delay.

5G Network and it's impact
Source: Contently

What Does This Mean?

The coming of the 5G network means that your internet is going to be able to handle almost anything that you throw at it. Gamers, musicians, and anyone else who streams, get ready. Your video stream will have zero lag. Zero. Nada. Nonexistent. High def streaming at affordable if not minuscule costs.

This also means that with the spread of the 5G infrastructure, remote working will be easier than ever before. With the global pandemic causing lockdowns and moves to work from home, having reliable internet connections has become paramount. Staying connected through Zoom, Google Chat, Discord, or whatever application you use will be instant and reliable. You’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world, or your city/country, without having to worry about whether or not the location you choose has a reliable and speedy connection. The days of choosing cafes based on internet connection rather than your favorite one will be gone.

What Other Impacts Might It Have?

This also means that if remote working continues to be implemented, allowed, or encouraged, choosing where you live will be easier. People are moving to cheaper locations or out of the city to nice places because they can work remotely. 

5G will also allow for financial transactions to be more efficient and app based interactions will be speedier too. AR and VR will become more viable. Businesses will be able to host events that take their guests on virtual journeys to an online destination. And, and! They’re saying that it’s going to be cheaper. 

Finally, what matters is what it means for us as consumers. Internet connectivity will be faster and more seamless than ever before. The IoT revolution will be able to advance further and self-driving cars might actually become viable, supported by the 5G network. 5G smartphones and SIM cards have already been introduced and all that’s left is for it to finally be implemented.

Digital transformation began more than 30 years ago, and the coming of the 5G network is only the next, not the final, level to arrive. If you’re not sure how to get started on your transformation or would like to learn more, contact us and talk to our Enablers.