Face Masks: New Normal Necessity Meets Fashion

face masks: new normal necessity meets fashion
Face masks are, and have been, a necessity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, now the fashion industry as well as many businesses, are jumping on board to be a part of the new normal trend.

You may be like me and find face masks irritating and uncomfortable, but you can’t deny their importance. They help protect us and those around us from contracting or spreading the pesky coronavirus. Masks are here to stay and people are finding a way to make them work with their outfits. Phone…check…keys…check….wallet…check…mask….where’s my mask?! 

GQ face masks
Source: GQ

What does this mean for businesses?

Small and medium enterprises all the way to sports and fashion brands are storming up new ideas on how to seamlessly integrate this new vital piece of protective equipment. Celebrities and political figures are even going so far as to match their outfits with their masks. I won’t lie, I’ve been doing that too. 

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of brands we know are now making face masks:

  • Arrow
  • GQ
  • Wacoal
  • Sabina
  • Mc Jean
  • Guy Laroche
  • Davie Jones
  • J Press
  • Fila
  • Nike
  • Adidas
face masks adidas
Source: Adidas

Some of the brands are making them purely to be protective and stylish, while others are making them more breathable and comfortable, even to the point of being able to wear them while exercising. This means that it has to be really easy to breathe through, but still be able to protect you from the virus. One thing in common though is that most are designed to be washable and reusable. 

Are face masks here to stay?

Whatever happens we’re going to be needing masks for the foreseeable future as we all adapt and adjust to the restrictions of a new normal. Whether you want to spend thousands of baht on a luxury branded mask, add to your favorite sporting ensemble, focus on comfort, or go affordable, you should be wearing a mask. 

Who would have thought that the world would get to the point where face masks are an integral part of your outfit. As if choosing what to wear wasn’t hard enough as it was.

Global health organizations have reiterated their stance on the importance of wearing face masks and following social distancing guidelines. Masks will be with us for a while and are a part of the new normal scheme. Humans are social animals, and fashion tends to be a part of fitting in or standing out or making an impression. Masks will be the same. Not just for protection, but having a mask can show your individuality and be a fashion statement. 

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