How Online Shopping Behavior is Changing in 2020

How Online Shopping Behavior is Changing in 2020
In 2020, online shopping is more popular than it’s ever been. I mean, you’d think that would be natural, but with the global pandemic hitting us, it definitely received a big boost. 

That’s not all though. Digital technology is continually developing and eCommerce continues to advance. This means that how we shop for different products, and even services, is constantly evolving. Providing new channels for businesses is a huge plus, but we’re here to focus on the consumer. Let’s take a look at online shopping behavior and how it’s changing in 2020.

Online Shopping Behavior

The internet always foretold globalization and it is clearer now when it comes to online shopping. There are so many products and services that used to be available in limited capacities in some places, or not at all. With online shopping, there’s no holding you back. And, there is such a variety available today that consumers face the challenge of selection. For established brands, the transition isn’t as difficult, but they still need to ensure that the entire experience is smooth and seamless. Nobody likes websites that are difficult to navigate. What consumers think about brands influences their decision about whether or not to make a purchase. 

According to Statista, eCommerce accounts for at least 14% of worldwide retail sales. And this can be affected by many factors, one of which is the channels that are being used. Businesses need to consider the omnichannel approach. It’s no longer enough to have just a website. You need to be able to offer consumers as many different experiences and avenues as possible to ensure that you cover all your customer bases. People are different and have different preferences. 

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It isn’t just the difference between visiting a physical store and buying something online. People use different platforms to shop. The majority use their phones, some use a PC, and some use a tablet. Whichever channel (social media, shopping app, web store) you’re using, needs to fit each device and be easy to use on each. 

Why People Shop Online

There are many reasons why people shop online, and apparently the number one reason is that they can shop at all times of the day. I can confirm that this is the number one reason I shop online. This tells us that it’s about convenience, as most of the world is still on lockdown. As a business owner in the age of online shopping, you’ll want to make sure you offer convenience as well as quality. Instead of telling them to visit a website, you’ll see that most ads for products just have a simple button that says “Shop Now”. Don’t give people a chance to be like, “aww man, I need to go to a website and click on their store and browse…”. 

Also, remember when we said that people like to do their research and make comparisons? Did I mention that? Anyways, according to Oberlo, 85% of consumers do online research before making a purchase. I can confirm that I personally do the same. Especially if it’s a significant purchase, which can vary for individuals. By giving shoppers detailed and accurate information on your products, you’ll be building their trust in you and making it easier for them to come to the decision to purchase your products. If you’d like to know how to adapt your business to deal with changing online shopping behavior, contact us and speak with our team of enablers.