[Infographic] Types of Malware

Types of Malware - And How To Stay Safe

Know what they are and stay safe from malicious scripts and malware. There really are just 8 main types of malware to be aware of. The rest is knowing which goes into which category.

The 8 Types of Malware


Automatically displays unwanted advertisement to internet users. Clicking on these ads would redirect users to malicious sites.


There are good bots and bad bots. Malware bots are bad bots that perform a specific task with the intent to damage such as sending spams or taking down websites via a DDoS attack.


Not always an intentional malware. But may produce website error and damages that result in small or huge failures such as payment gateway issues.


Malware that hijacks your website content and files, and demands for payment in exchange for release of your content, so you may regain access.


A malware that spies and monitors on users activity such as keystrokes to gather confidential data such as credit card information.

Trojan Horse

Acts more as a vessel for malware. The script disguises itself as a general system file. As soon as users download it, the Trojan installs various malware onto the user’s device.


A malicious script that is loaded onto your computer or website that corrupts the system. These viruses multiply and may spread to other devices via attachments and shared files.


A malware that consumes bandwidth and may easily overload web servers. Worms identify security failures, replicates and may easily spread to other devices.

Now that you have a good idea on what these 8 types of malware does, how should you stay safe from them? Here are some useful tips:

  • Install Anti-virus and malware software. Also, make sure you don’t skip updating the anti-virus software.
  • Run regular device scans, set weekly schedule to get this done.
  • Check your network security and firewall is setup correctly and up to par.
  • Always have a think before clicking on links.
  • Avoid using free and open Wi-Fi.
  • Regularly back-up your files.
  • Use strong passwords that include combinations of letters, capitals, number and symbols.

If you ever need second opinions or support on setting up cyber security protocols, network firewalls and security, do reach out.

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