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Subscribers Segmentation

We are at the crossroads between privacy and personalization. Engagement increases with personalized content up to a point where it starts to infringe on privacy and security. Let Enabler Space help get to that sweet spot! Our Enablers can help pool your mailing list into different segments and strategize an editorial plan to maximize your marketing efforts. We are able to work with your current distribution tool or set-up an appropriate emailing tool catered for your desired outcomes.

Template Design

The look and feel of any email are always important when it comes to representing your brand. Our Enablers will work closely with your design team and brand guidelines to ensure that your newsletters are on point to represent your brand. Give a boost to your next mailer – let us help design the perfect responsive and mobile-friendly template.

Improving Open and Click Rates

Open Rates and Click Rates are two of the most common factor marketers look at when it comes to email marketing. Improve these rates alongside our Enablers. We use systematic tests and analysis to upgrade your engagement rate and turn customers into loyal advocates.

Let Enabler Space help with your email campaigns. We work closely with your team to create loyal customers by delivering personalized content right to their inbox.

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