What Do Thais Do Online?

In the modern world, ever since the internet has allowed us to be connected online 24/7, a lot of people spend the majority of their free time on computers. Now that smartphones are available (mini computers) it’s even more addictive. Activities that were previously done offline such as conversations, booking airline tickets, movie tickets, making dinner reservation, even shopping are now done online. There are plenty of advantages with getting things done online like getting cheap airfares or not missing your favourite movies or concerts.

So what does this mean for Thai people? What do Thais do online?

There are lots of things that could be done online; however what do Thais do online? Thais are passionate about watching soap operas, not only Thai soaps but also Korean and Japanese soaps which are available to watch online.

Thais also like to shop online. Especially, people living in Bangkok due to the fact that the traffic is awful during the day and worse during rush hours. Buying groceries is now available online through Tops, BigC, Villa Market, Lotus and others. Other products can also be bought online through downloadable applications. Thais also like to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other mediums where media can be shared or as it is called “social media”. Chatting is one of the main things Thais do online. Weather traveling on the bus, taxi or on the skytrain, it can be seen that everyone around is typing away on their phone.

Overall, to conclude, today everyone literally is online., Today sitting in front of a computer without an internet connection is like a car with no fuel. Unable to reach out to other people or get the latest updates of what is going on around them.

We now know that what Thais do online is very much what the whole world does online.

So, what do you do online?