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What are KOL, influencers and micro influencer?

Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are individuals who can affect another person’s decision to buy a product or service based on their social relationships. Influencers can be industry experts, celebrities, bloggers or simply someone who is admired by many. A subset of influencers is becoming more popular is called Micro-Influencer. The term refers to an influencer with a decent amount of followers for a very specific subject – thus their opinions can strongly affect their close group of followers. Businesses usually collaborate with influencers to tap into their social followers to promote certain products and services.

How to choose an influencer

Does that suit your brand?

When choosing to collaborate – it is important to find someone whose lifestyle and fan base matches your product and target audience. Otherwise – the audience would not be hyped about your products even if he or she is very famous. Boost your business and let our Enablers assist you in choosing influencers that best match your products and services.

Should I add influencer marketing to my marketing mix?

The short and straightforward answer is – it depends. Hiring a brand influencer is usually costly – so if you have a smaller budget – influencer may be something you consider later down the road. The type of industry you are in will also affect whether you should engage with influencers and KOLs. Typically influencer marketing works best for B2C businesses. It can sometimes work in a B2B setting but would be challenging especially if it’s in the service sector. Talk with an Enabler today and get a free consultation on whether you should add influencer marketing to your mix.

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