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What is Martech?

Martech is the cross-road between marketing and technology. In essence – it is the use of existing and new technology, platforms and applications to enhance your marketing efforts.

What is Adtech?

Adtech is the cross between advertising and technology. Simply put – it refers to new and existing technology which can be leveraged to enhance your businesses advertising efforts.

How is Martech different from Adtech?

Both the word Martech (Marketing Technology) and Adtech (Advertising Technology) are a combination of two words. With their original meaning – some individuals therefore consider Adtech a subset of Martech dealing with only the advertisement aspect of marketing.

However – others may argue that Adtech and Martech are completely different with adtech being technologies that focuses solely on paid media and martech being solely focused on owned media. The technical debate between these two terms is still prevalent – but as a business the label may not be as important as knowing how to leverage these technology to boost your business success. Let’s then take a look at how to utilize Martech and Adtech.

Adtech and Martech Web Integration

Both Adtech and Martech can provide meaningful data and information to help enhance your marketing endeavors. However it can be a challenge when trying to determine which of the hundreds and thousands of tool will best suit your needs. Let our Enablers help suggest the ideal tool for your business. Our team can also use APIs to integrate information from various sources into a customized report with actionable advice.

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