ENABLER SPACE (managed by Orion Co., Ltd.) is a group of multi-skilled veteran digital marketers and tech specialist, with years of experience handling digital marketing for customers from various industries both in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Enabler Space Team - Orion Company


Get to know our Captain Anat Obom, get to know what we stand for #TeamEnablerSpace.

VISION – A group of specialist, unbounded by norms and firm in our mission to enable ourselves and those we work for. In doing so, we becomes the catalyst for a strong and steady growth for the group.

MISSION – To promote group integrity, sincerity and a real desire to continuously become better.


  • Stay Humble (but never cave in)
  • Sharing Mindset (but know what is confidential)
  • Teamwork (watch my back and I’ll watch your back)
  • Positive Self-drive (but tame your ego)
  • Passion for Betterment (continual learning)

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