Enabler Space

About Us

Enabler Space – Orion Co., Ltd. is a bootstrap company. We provide on-demand digital marketing and technology services to companies in Thailand as well as abroad (offshore outsourcing services). We also offer training programs for individuals and children in the form of digital knowledge sharing, robotics and STEAM activity for kids.

Our first member founded Enabler Space on September 2017 based on one belief and we strive to keep it alive:
“Defy the odds. Break the norms. Spark a paradigm shift.”

Everyone is capable of much more, if only you want it, work for it and you believe you can.


Unbounded by norms, we are firm in our mission to enable ourselves and those we work for. In doing so, we becomes the catalyst for a strong and steady growth for the group.


To promote group integrity, sincerity and a real desire to continuously become better.

Anat Obom (Kwan)

Anat Obom

Managing Director

A marketing technologist with over 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, web technologies, data management and cybersecurity.


Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul (Nit)

Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul

Executive Consultant

A digital marketer, strategist and content creator with over 15+ years in marketing and content, particularly data analytics and digital marketing. Founder and former MD.