The Official Version

The Enabler Space community is made up of a group of multi-skilled veterans digital marketers. Each with years of experience doing digital marketing for customers from various industries both in Thailand and neighboring countries. Our community setup allows for our clients – companies, individuals and students – to work directly with the digital specialists as a partner, a mentor or even a fellow marketer.

Anat Obom

The Faces of Enabler Space

The group is managed by ORION CO., LTD. which is founded by Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul and is managed by partners Patara Patamayothin, Alongkorn Niyomdecha and Kanakorn Wangphanitkun.

For more information about Enabler Space and Orion Co., Ltd. please feel free to contact us anytime.

The Real Version
A group of crazy people, attempting to enter a blackhole and come-out in one piece. That’s the plan anyways.