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What are plug-ins?

There are 2 types of website development. The first is custom web development which involves designing and coding everything from scratch. The second which started with the concept of ready-made CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress and Wix, is today developing into the concept of Zero Code Development.

For the second case, the concept is that non advanced coders can also develop their own websites via a dynamic interface with menus, options and also drag-and-drop features. A good analogy would be lego building blocks. Features such as chat, contact form, image sliders are lego pieces. While most of the time, these ready made features (so called plug-ins) suffice, there would be certain plug-ins that you would want to custom built particularly to cater to your website and business.

This might be some extended SEO feature, dynamic tracking URL generator, or custom form that directly connects to your user database.

Why tailor make your own plug-ins?

So why tailor make your own plug-ins? Leveraging on CMS to develop your website is generally more time-efficient and cost-effective. The downside is customization. A custom built website could of course be created to 100% match all your requirements and specifications, at a higher cost and longer development time.

The mid-way between these 2 options is plug-in development. Which means you can benefit from the less time and cost-effectiveness of opting for CMS websites and close the gap on requirement match by custom developing certain plug-ins.

Talk to our technical team to learn more and get suggestions on what options are best for your business.

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