Digital Helpdesk: A Digital Marketing Service for Everyone

We are now in the digital era, and one of the many things that have transformed is marketing. Online media has – what some would say – way more features than traditional media. While some are easy to understand – others can be elusive and complex. Because nowadays everyone has access to the internet, as a result of modern technology. Online shopping and e-commerce businesses are reaching the top of the chart. 

With the upturns of digital marketing, many businesses are starting to find ways to get a share of that online presence. They are trying to shift their platforms to websites and social media. The online market is also crowded with sellers from all over the place. So, one of the best ways to gain brand and customer awareness for your business is to market and/or advertise your products and services. But as we’ve mentioned earlier – digital marketing can seem daunting for someone new without prior knowledge and experience but rest-assured – it’s definitely not rocket science. However – if you’re not equipped with the know-how of online marketing – you may be wasting your marketing and advertisement budget. That is why many companies turn to marketing agencies with full-loop services for help as the very first step.

Personalized Service On Demand

There are various services in marketing. For instance, consultation, data analysis, media planning, advertisement planning, all the way through content creation and website development. When you hire a marketing agency many can help you from the very beginning through to the end. In other words, a full packaged service. This kind of service is convenient because there is no need for cross department communication as everything is handled by the media partner. It’s like a one stop service – but in this set-up businesses lose some control and involvement throughout the process. On the other hand, some businesses may already have a team of marketers or are in the process of forming a team and only need help with specific matters, and usually not all the time. For example, small businesses that need consultants just for campaign set-up. Or large businesses that can run marketing campaigns on their own but need help debugging the platform every now and then. That’s why we have an option that is personalized and tailor-made on your demand for your specific issue.

Digital Helpdesk is a micro-sized marketing service from Enabler Space to serve more flexible demands. Our concept is “Overcome successful digital marketing with little steps along your journey”. Because being successful online requires attention in small details along the way as well, not only the big picture and strategies.Digital Helpdesk comes in a self-service package. It has four different sizes from Mini, Medium, Max, and Enterprise. Each package is packed with services covering SEO, online and social media advertising, data analysis, digital marketing tools (e.g. GTM, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, etc.). Beyond that, we also offer consultation regarding website security and other marketing issues as well. Clients can compare package prices, duration, and services that are covered on their own. In essence – it is an on-demand marketing service where you pay for only what you need and when you need it.

Since you can choose and select specific services, you can save more and launch your online marketing journey with a lower cost than before.  Digital Helpdesk gives an opportunity for small and medium businesses to easily jump-start their online marketing journey. It is suitable for new marketers and businesses that have a limited budget. For larger businesses that have been doing marketing for a while, micro-sized services can enhance performance for specific elements. Which can boost efficiency for your marketing plans. Or they can also try applying new strategies that have never been tried before.

This flexibility is an advantage that makes this on demand service suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an SME or on the lookout for an enterprise solution. Digital Helpdesk will allow your business to design their own requirements and our Digital Enablers will help meet those demands. That’s why we refer to our packages as a truly tailor-made digital marketing solution.

That’s it for a brief introduction on micro-sized services and Digital Helpdesk, let’s get to know our Enablers. We are a team of marketing professionals with experience over 20 years, trusted by a number of organizations. Beyond micro-sized services, we also offer full-loop marketing services. Starting from website developing, monitoring and analyzing data, and various services on digital marketing such as content marketing and social media marketing. Learn more about us by liking and subscribe to our Facebook page. Our Enablers are always there to help and give you advice.

Digital Helpdesk FAQs

Digital Helpdesk is a marketing service that comes in various sizes of packages with essential services. You can flexibly customize them to meet your demands.
You can choose and select specific services at a lower cost than full-loop services, which gives an opportunity for businesses to do some digital marketing more easily.
Digital Helpdesk is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small or medium business that is looking for a jump-start in marketing, or a large business that is looking for help on a specific issue.
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