Facebook Shops: feature for shoppers and businesses

It’s hard to deny that the advancement of technology is growing at such a rapid rate. Technology has also become an integral part of our everyday lives. Many things have been made much more convenient than in the past from communication to news update and even trading and transporting goods. Now that the world is experiencing the unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 – more individuals and businesses are relying on digital channels. Whether it’s for running businesses or to carry out their daily lives. Whether you’re using some of these tools to better work from home or to hold conferences with clients. It is evident that businesses would be crippled without the connectivity we sometimes take for granted.

Not only do these savvy tools and platforms help with work – but they also lend a hand for us to stay connected with friends and families. They essentially allow for activities to be carried out even when we can’t be in physical proximity. For many of us – the first things that come to mind may be streaming services, experiencing “Live” concerts and events, messaging friends or having group calls through platforms like Skype or Zoom. While all that is relevant – we’re here today to discuss a new announcement from Facebook regarding a new feature called Facebook Shops.

Online Platforms – Convenience in the digital age

The internet is one of the largest and most convenient platforms for purchasing goods and services. While consumers can pick and choose swiftly with a simple flick of their finger. Merchants are able to quickly stay up to date on news, trends, prices and be in constant communication with buyers. Many businesses have therefore expanded their shops from offline to online to provide convenience and gain an online presence. These online channels include corporate websites, Facebook fan pages, mobile applications, or even marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

On 19 May, 2020 – Facebook has announced a new feature called “Facebook Shops” with the intention of helping businesses affected by Covid-19. It also aims to become an everyday tool used by online businesses and consumers. With the large quantity of active users – the new feature is predicted to boost the already famous activity of online shopping.

Video Facebook Announcement

How Facebook Shops is different and more convenient than Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Shops will definitely transform the consumer’s experience when buying things via Facebook. Some of you may be wondering how exactly is this shop thing different than Facebook’s Marketplace. Well – it simplifies the process and here’s how.

In terms of building the shop – businesses with Instagram already tied to Facebook can create one store and use it for both platforms. Creating the shop is also easy and free. Shop owners simply need to add products to the shop then use templates to customize. You can also create a product catalogue, choose a cover photo and play with the color themes.

Facebook Shops Desktop
Image from Facebook

For the buyers – the first difference from the Marketplace is that users can products to a cart without leaving the shop. No more Call-to-Action where buyers are led to a different webpage to complete the purchase.

Facebook Shops Mobile
Source: Facebook

Another highlight is that customers will be able to directly reach out to the store via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct. In the future, customers will also be able to buy through these messaging platforms.

Facebook Shops Live Shopping feature
Source: Facebook

Another interesting feature is Live Shopping where businesses can directly tag products during a LIVE session. The product will be displayed in the video so viewers can check out the details right there and then. Finally – the Loyalty Program is also being tested where users can get points on their account for purchasing through FB shop.

With all these features – Facebook Shops will definitely provide convenience for both shoppers and businesses. For those of you who are looking for new opportunities to take your business online – FB Shops is something that’s definitely worth exploring. If you have any questions or would like to find more ways to transform your business from offline to online – drop us a message and one of our Digital Enablers will be happy to help!