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Paving the Way for Transmedia in the Digital Age

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paving the way for transmedia in the digital age

What do you think Transmedia is? Media across multiple platforms? Stories told via various media? Seems like we’re on the right track. Let’s see if we can find out more. What in the World is Transmedia? Transmedia refuses to be put in a box. Just like us! It exists, but it’s only recently that it’s […]

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5 Enterprise SEO Tips for 2019

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enterprise seo tips

While the fundamentals of SEO and Enterprise SEO are the same, there is a huge difference between doing SEO for a blog, an e-commerce platform or comparison website. Standard SEO checklists that include things such as, completing XML sitemap, meta properties, writing up 1,800 words content articles, image optimization and alt-tags, might work for a […]

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7 Digital Channels In a Nutshell

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Today everyone has internet connection and are on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other websites that offer access to news, current events or to watch online videos. Hence, for the modern marketers, creating pictures, photographs, videos and other digital medium and broadcasting them through websites like Facebook and Youtube is an effective way to reach audiences […]