[Infographic] How Technology Is Shaping The Digital World – Trends 2019

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Technology has been shaping the way we do marketing for the past decade, whether it’s smarter search engines, programmatic ad buying or email automation. However, there’s yet more to come. We have now reached the age of artificial intelligence, robotics process automation and hyper personalization. Here are some interesting trends for 2019 we have curated and shortlisted. CHATBOT 2% of customer service related work have been using chatbot technology in 2017. This is predicted to increase to up to 25% by 2020. Consequently, 80% of […]

What Is An Algorithm?

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In order to get robots, computer or other electronic gadgets to clean the floor, walk or pick up certain things, a set of commands is needed for them to do exactly what is required. Algorithms are the the step-by-step instructions or conditions that give the so-called robots instructions to perform the task accordingly.   In addition, Algorithms are also used in our daily lives in uncomplicated ways when we make decisions. For example – what are the conditions for you to prioritize one task over […]