[Video] Our Tips For Marketing In The Dark – 2020 and Beyond

We’ve tested, failed some, succeeded some and learned. In this video, we’re sharing 3 simple tips that we found very useful for ourselves, incase it comes in handy for anyone else.

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Tips for Marketing in the Dark

With Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul – Executive Consultant (Digital Marketing and MarTech)

Video Transcription

Hi there, Nit from Enabler Space here. I have 3 short tips for you in this video. We all probably have our own different ways in terms of how we do marketing, how we’re tweaking, how we are changing the way we are delivering our products and services during these uncertain times.

So I have here 3 short tips which I found useful and hope it comes in handy for anyone else who are looking for different ways to do things.

Tip #1 – Agile Marketing

So tip #1 which is also what we are doing here is a much stronger focus on agile marketing, which basically means we are A/B testing a lot and we’re doing a lot of feedback loops.

You can’t go wrong with testing at this time as long as it’s in short bursts because there’s no proven way yet what works and what doesn’t.

I was having this conversation with a colleague, and we were saying you know how we have those dummies book for this, dummies book for that.. Well, we don’t have yet a dummies book to do digital marketing successfully during a pandemic plus recession.

So we’re all in it since the very beginning. So, we, all the marketers today are probably going to be the ones writing these dummies for.. type of book. Okay, so that’s agile marketing. Fast feedback loops. Test. Test. Test. See what works and what doesn’t.

#2 – Jump the Tech Hurdle

My second tip is to jump the tech hurdle. There is this on going discussion about the marketing team, like brand communications, the creatives and the tech, really logic-based team. They don’t always get along. It’s wonderful if they get along… that’s why there’s the term MarTech (marketing technology).

Basically, being able to bridge the gap between the creatives and the logics, techies basically is really going to help. alot. alot. So if you can merge these two worlds together with agile marketing, that can take you quite far.

#3 – Have Empathy

Any my third tip is to have empathy. Basically what this means is empathy in general. Even empathy for yourself, your employees, your business. The ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes. The ability to think about the consumers, the different types of challenges they are facing, your vendors, also your suppliers, clients, your outsource, your employees and also even yourself.

Having empathy enables you to really be aware of what’s going on with other people. So what you see is not necessarily all there is to it, right. It gets you thinking how you want to market your product, your services, how you want to communicate what you’re doing. And it’s across the board.

The ability to empathise with others during this time basically is a gesture showing that you are situational-aware. You are aware of the situation. And that tells people that they can trust that your service, your product, your brand have their best interest at heart. And that is very important.

RECAP. Right so there are my 3 tips. 1: agile marketing. 2: bridge the gap between tech and marketing, and 3: always empathize. Thank you.

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