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How do I get analytics data?

Having accurate data about your website traffic is crucial to the bottom-line if you’re spending heavily on digital marketing. Imagine having spent thousands of dollars on digital ad spending and not really knowing your direct return on investment for online sales. It doesn’t have to be that way. Everything on the web is trackable and there are various tools you can choose from. The most widely used, being Google Analytics. Have an expert help you tailor a plan and setup your web analytics data to make sure you get the exact data points that your business needs.

How do I measure results?

While there are many tools you can use to accurately track your website data, the most important part for your business is making sense of that data. Website data are just numbers until you derive information from the data. Here is where our Enablers can help you. To make sense of data, you must first design the perimeter of that data, such as what is considered a slow and fast website. How long does a visitor need to be on a single web page for that page to be considered effective content? Would a 1% conversion rate for your industry be considered good enough or are your competitors doing better? Talk to one of our experienced digital marketers to help you, not only setup web data tracking, but to custom design a framework for your data from your business perspective.

What tools are available?

When it comes to tools, there are many tools you can choose from. We recommend starting with Google Analytics and related tools including Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console, which offers a comprehensive free version. For heatmaps, scroll tracking, funnel visualization and video tracking of the behavior of website visitors, we recommend using hotjar. Should you be considering Adobe and other web suites, our team can also suggest which set of tools may be the best option specifically for your needs.

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