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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Your Best Friend

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Have you ever asked yourself why you need digital marketing? Does the idea of going digital scare you? Whatever your reasoning is, digital marketing is a must-have tool to help you pave your way to brand success. You should jump on the bandwagon not because everyone’s doing it but do it for yourself and watch it bloom into something beautiful. Listen, when I first started digital marketing, I thought it was pointless. My initial thought was, “How on Earth am I going to compete with […]

call to action buttons

Conversion Optimization: Demystifying The Call-To-Actions Buttons

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Center-align! Above-the-fold! Big Fonts! Red, Keep It Red! – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) shouldn’t feel like following a commander barking out orders. If you have been following some quick techniques and checklist to get started, please take note that CRO is an art and science combined. There is no single formula that works for all and apparently there are many myths out there when it comes to CTA best practices for optimal conversions. Let’s demystify some of them. Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons That Stands Out A […]