Thammasat University: A Data Driven Approach

A group of fantastic students at Thammasat Lecture!

September 17th 2019, Thailand – Thammasat University
[Guest Lecture] Digital Marketing: A Data Driven Approach

Thanks to Prof. Sascha H. Funk – Thammasat University for having Enabler Space over as guest lecturer on Big Data, AI and CRO. We had a great crowd of fourth year students from The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication!

We started off the session with a goofy ice-breaker then continued to discussing the difference between Data and Information. During the session – students looked at how tying a simple title or label can turn a bunch of seemingly random numbers and words into meaningful information and insights. We also discussed the criteria for Big Data and how they are used for modern technological advancements.

Once the students are familiar with Big Data – we continued our session on Artificial Intelligence. Discussing how they consume large amounts of data in order to process meaningful information for users and consumers. We also enhanced the tie between data and AI with a workshop where students created mock models to teach Artificial Intelligence to categorize different types of tropical fruits.

Finally ending the fun-filled session with using data in digital marketing and specifically for Conversion Rate Optimization. Oh and of-course – a silly group photo of us with our very engaging students – the JM 466 Digital Strategy class!!

Hopefully the students at Thammasat University enjoyed the lecture as much as we did giving them! Thanks again JM 466 for being such an awesome class and looking forward to working together as interns and fellow marketers in the very near future!

Interested in having us over to hold a knowledge sharing session for one of your class or corporate teams – simply contact us and our Enablers will get back to you soon!

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