What It Really Means To Do Content Marketing: 10 Insights From A Content Marketer

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It’s a marathon. It’s never been about who has the brightest ideas. It has always been about stamina and grit. Content marketing is not difficult but it requires diligence and is everything about hard work. It has everything to do with SEO. Content marketing is no longer just about writing up some article. Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird is all about semantics and apparently Google has been teaching its AI, RankBrain how to read. The better RankBrain knows how to read and differentiate between high quality content […]

negative seo

Negative SEO: 3 Ways Competitors Can Take You Down

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The first thing you may associate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with, is website traffic! So while everyone is scrambling to learn more how to optimize for search engines to move up rankings in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), there’s perhaps Tim sitting somewhere scheming on how to use his SEO knowledge to take down competitors’ rankings. Sad but true. The faster you accept the darker and uglier side of SEO, the better equipped you will be to see the signs and prevent traffic drops […]

enterprise seo diagnosis guide

SEO Tip: Enterprise Level Diagnosis for Massive Site-Wide Traffic Drop

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When we talk about enterprise SEO, we’re referring to websites with thousands to millions of web-pages. And for such a behemoth of a website, where do you start with troubleshooting massive traffic drops? The best way to go about it is to start from the big picture, rule out each possible factor and drill down from there. Here’s a first step diagnosis plan that hopefully will come in handy for webmasters who are in charge of enterprise SEO. Use the elimination technique to be able […]

seo mammoth featured

SEO Is A Mammoth: A Holistic View On Search Engine Optimization

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How important is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for startups? This is fairly easy to answer. It’s very important. The question should be, how accurately are you estimating the scale of SEO? And why are we talking about startups? Most enterprise companies have an in-house SEO consultant, while it’s startups and SMEs that tend to attempt DIY (do-it-youself) SEO. SEO is like the steroid, elixir for startups. The Google Webmasters channel have openly shared their views on this with the: SEO for startups in under 10 […]

Crawl Budget Optimization

SEO: Understanding Crawl Budget in Under 15 Minutes

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Spiders, crawlers, servers, hits, caching and what not can be quite daunting for anyone doing SEO from the content marketing perspective. However, it goes without saying, that you really can’t skip technical SEO. At least, the items with big impact on your rankings. One of these, is what is referred to as the crawl budget. Which I will explain in layman terms for a quick understanding in (hopefully) no more than 15 minutes. So What is Crawl Budget? Think of it this way. Google’s crawler, […]