[Infographic] e-Commerce SEO – LAZADA Ranking Algorithm

LAZADA ranking algorithm - eCommerce SEO

The largest known information search engine today is non other than Google. That’s a given. However, as the term goes, search engines are basically some algorithm that scans a database of data for the best possible answer to a query that has been inputed. As such, search engines come in many forms and sizes.

Some commonly known vertical searches are those such as YouTube and Amazon, video search engine and product shopping search engine. In Thailand, when it comes to e-Commerce and online shopping, LAZADA is probably one of the most widely used platform.

Knowing how LAZADA’s search ranking and level algorithm works can mean wonders for seller’s rankings and visibility. Let’s take a look at some of the most important parts of LAZADA’s ranking algorithm and perhaps these insights would come in handy for individual sellers, as well as official stores wanting to show up better in the shopping search results.

e-Commerce SEO – LAZADA Ranking Algorithm

Contributing Factors

Weight by importance 1 (least important) – 10 (most important)

  • Product Title – 9
  • Product Short Description – 8
  • Category – 3
  • Brand name – 2
  • Product Reviews – 4
  • Is Official Store – 4
  • Express Delivery / Fulfilment by LAZADA – 5
  • Sales Last Week – 7
  • Sales Last 30 Days – 7
  • Seller Ratings – 5
  • Conversion Rate – 6

The Ranking System

Rank is calculated based on seller’s last 30 days revenue. There are 7 Levels.

SKU Ranking – Category Page

Product SKU will rank higher in the catalogue search results page if the SKU has higher clicks, purchase, number of reviews and adding to cart activities per se.

Increase the product click through rates by:

  • Writing product names that includes relevant attributes i.e. model, color, etc.
  • Ensure complete and accurate attributes.
  • Provide very good customer service to increase satisfaction score.
  • Optimize service match i.e. delivery options
  • Know-of product performance overtime i.e. clicks and orders

Source: splitdragon.com, lazada.co.th