5 Tips to Help You Work From Home Productively

5 tips to help you work from home productively
Whether you’re on lockdown during a pandemic or it’s just the way your company is set up, a lot of us work from home. Remote working sounds awesome, and it is! But, sometimes distractions get the better of us. 

Here are a few tips that should enable you to transition from your office routine and help you work from home:

Establish a Routine

One of the best things about being able to work from home is wearing whatever you want! But, when you’re not used to remote working, it can get a little disorienting and affect your productivity. To keep a sense of routine, wake up and get ready for work as you would on a normal working day. Whatever you decide to wear, the important thing is you go through the same motions.

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Set Work from Home Hours (including breaks)

The danger of not setting working hours is that procrastination is always ready to pounce. Start at the same time, and end at the same time. This sense of structure will help you adjust to it easily. Just as important are your breaks. When you work from home you still need breaks, or you might end up working 24/7. Take a full hour for lunch if that’s what you usually do. Set a timer if you think that will help. You can also use apps to lock yourself out of your computer for an hour. 

Have a Dedicated Workspace

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a home office. Most of us have desks in the corner of our rooms. Ideally, make it a place that you don’t normally go to relax. This will help you focus. Personally, I have a little fold-up table for my laptop that I sometimes use on my bed. Try different things and you’ll find the best area in your home to get the most done.

Have Video Conferences

It’s important to communicate with your company regularly to make sure that everything stays on track. A good way to do this is a daily video conference. There are many programs and applications you can use, we like Zoom. Another good thing about video conferences is that it helps to fight off feelings of loneliness, isolation, and keep you from becoming disconnected. Humans are social beings. During these meetings make sure to communicate a lot, over communicate even! 

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Match Your Music

As a writer, I find music to be a lifesaver for getting rid of writer’s block. Find music that matches the energy of what you’re working on. Yes, it might sound ridiculous, but trust me it works. When I’m researching topics I tend to use slower songs or songs with lyrics in them. But, when it’s time to write that’s when I switch to instrumental, house, or video gaming music. YouTube has plenty of options for you to choose from.

Working from home has its perks and its pitfalls, but hopefully the tips we gave you will help you make the transition. Whether you have to do it because of something that’s happening in the world out there, or it’s just the way that your company is set up. Try out these tips to help you work from home and let us know how they go for you.