The DARQ Age : Rise of the Machines

DARQ AGE: Rise of the Machines

In 2019, going digital is no longer enough to make you stand out from the vast number of competition out there. Today’s post-digital era is the golden age for technology. It’s time for DARQ (Distributed ledger technology, Artificial intelligence, extended Reality, and Quantum computing). It’s the DARQ Age.

So how DARQ is it?

We know that DARQ is the technology that will follow the digital age, but did you know that it’s already in use? 

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT):

This is nothing like your average BLT (Bacon – Lettuce – Tomato). Essentially, this is a database that is held and updated independently by individual nodes in a network. It provides the backbone for new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, and therefore enables the control of data and transactions in ways, and on a scale not previously possible. 

sectors using distributed ledger technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The robots have brains and are going to take over the world! Relax, AI is able to work, react, and maybe even think like humans, but they can’t reason or emote. You’re safe. Businesses are able to use AI to process huge amounts of data to enable them to make processes more streamlined. Because they’re able to automate analysis and tasks, they’re able to make data-based decisions that allow for higher quality products and better efficiency. 

artificial intelligence uses

Extended Reality (XR):

When it comes down to it, XR is all real and virtual environments that are generated by a computer tech, including wearable devices. People are always searching for new ways to experience and interact with the world. XR allows us to be immersed in adventures like Virtual Reality games or even training programs. Flight simulators are a good example, but employees can also be taught to operate machines with the use of XR tech. 

what is XR?

Quantum Computing (QC):

This type of computing basically allows you to perform operations and analysis on data millions and millions of times faster than you’d normally be able to. It’s going to allow computational problems that used to be impossible to solve, to be – you guessed it – solved! It’s the newest of the DARQ technologies and that’s why it’s not widely used. It’s too expensive for most companies to afford. Sooner, rather than later, it will be available for businesses to access through or over the cloud. Its powers of data analysis and operations will be beneficial in many sectors including the sciences, logistics, and cybersecurity. To understand more about data and how you might make use of it, data artist is now a career that exists to provide consultation in this field. 

Why Quantum Computing?

What can you do to stay relevant?

The sun is setting on the digital age. There’s no precise way for you to know when the digital age will actually end and the DARQ ages begin. But, if you wait too long before you begin to explore the DARQ technologies, it becomes a gamble on how fast you can catch up once it does happen. Transform your company digitally now, and get in position to implement DARQ as soon as the time comes. Find out what your customers need, what DARQ technologies will answer those needs, and how you can gain access to that tech. Don’t get left behind in the sunny digital era when the DARQ age dawns.

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