google analytics beginners report

Google Analytics Tip: 3 Important Web Traffic Reports For Beginners

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Kick-starting your digital marketing efforts for your newly launched website? There are probably a few insights about your site that you’re going to want to know right from the beginning. And the best tool to get you started with data analytics is of course, none-other than Google Analytics which you can set-up for free. If it is your first time using Google Analytics, you might find the number of menus and various customizable options quite frightening. No worries. This is what this post is all […]

growth hacking heros

Growth Hacking Fails: Why The Growth Hacker Is No Hero

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In today’s business, we see way too many startups appear on the scene to even be able to keep count. And if you talk to most startup founders, you’ll find that they’re all after the same proverbial hockey stick growth graph; and this all comes from the financial projection for investors. The idea being, the steeper the graph, the faster projected timeline to exit and begin the process all over again. This is one of the main reasons that the term growth hacking has become […]

persuasive writing

[Infographic] Persuasive Copy-writing Map

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Here’s a quick map for persuasive copy-writing. You either want to write in a way to suggest scarcity, empathize with the reader, show expertise or use some scare tactics. Scarcity: Time-limited offers and a sense of scarcity to provoke higher interest to learn more. Empathy: Show the readers you’ve been in their shoes and really understand their situation Expertise: Show the reader your expertise by providing valid and useful know-h0w Scare Tactic: Fear can be very persuasive Like and follow us for more:

facebook advertising ROI

Crazy Effective Strategies To Boost Facebook Advertising ROI

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The title of this post says it all! We’ve heard quite a lot about cross-channel marketing, but what about cross-channel advertising? There’s a lot more to digital advertising that the ability to use the tools and available features. Advertising, in the end is marketing and if you were to take a holistic view of the entire prospecting and customer journey, you can see that there is a lot of untapped opportunities. In this post, we’re going to be focusing mainly on Facebook advertising, and how […]

Crawl Budget Optimization

SEO: Understanding Crawl Budget in Under 15 Minutes

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Spiders, crawlers, servers, hits, caching and what not can be quite daunting for anyone doing SEO from the content marketing perspective. However, it goes without saying, that you really can’t skip technical SEO. At least, the items with big impact on your rankings. One of these, is what is referred to as the crawl budget. Which I will explain in layman terms for a quick understanding in (hopefully) no more than 15 minutes. So What is Crawl Budget? Think of it this way. Google’s crawler, […]

seo search engine optimization

3 Things International SEOs Must-Know: Local is Global

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The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used quite casually by individuals and companies of all sizes. In a way, it has become a bit like a digital marketing slang. Why did we say slang? SEO is implemented quite differently for various type of businesses and scale. In other words, doing SEO for a 10-page website is very different from SEO for a 1 million page website. And this isn’t due to just the sheer number of pages. It’s much more than that. Like and […]