[Infographic] Rise of The New Marketing 2020

How Covid-19 Re-shuffled The Marketing World.

The world of marketing, technology and digital has been re-shuffled, turned upside down and shaken. Many of us marketers and technologist might have at first thought this to be temporary. Apparently, this re-shuffling is permanent.

The topic for discussion today should be about the RISE of the NEW ways to do MARKETING as oppose to what to do to survive the wave.

Perhaps the new marketing should be about THRIVING in the new environment, as oppose to SURVIVING a business threat. Why? Just maybe there is no real threat, since threats are temporary. But if the new normal is permanent, it’s not a threat, it’s the new reality, the new space.

And what does that mean for marketing? Out with the old. In with the new.

Let’s take a look at what the New Marketing might mean here.

1 – Green Pressure

While the past couple of years, global warming, going green and becoming more conscious of the natural ecosystem has been a highlighted topic – in 2020, it’s not simply a good to do, or topic for discussion. Simple community service means little today.

From brands working to build an eco-status, the pressure is on and in 2020, we’re talking eco-shaming. What can brands do together with their customers to show genuine efforts for a greener tomorrow? One example to illustrate what this means is for instance to minimising packaging or having more durable packaging with advise on how the customers can reuse those packaging.

2 – Virtual Avatars

Virtual or Brand Avatars. What are they and what’s the hype?

Here’s an easy way to put it.

China’s latest AI news anchor mimics human voices and gestures in 3D

In other words, the ultimate AI (artificial intelligence).

Social distancing, remote working and learning, online buying and staying more indoors has literally forced the majority of the world’s population to become digital citizens regardless of age.

However, as human beings, while habits may change, we continue to have an inherent need to connect. We don’t want to always be listening to recorded call centre instructions… ‘press 1 for Thai, 2 for English’ feel.

This is where digital avatars come in. AI, artificial intelligence that has the capability to closely mimic human behaviour, to give internet citizens a more immersive and personalised experience with brands.

3 – Time is Money

Time is quickly becoming one of the most important currencies. Covid-19 has stretched everyone thin on time, whether it’s from health or financial reasons.

The new consumer have less time to be persuaded. They have less time and patience to learn about your product or services and the various perks.

The new consumer simply wants to know exactly what’s the real deal with the products and services you’re selling and if it’s beneficial to them or not. This is where advertisement copies, product descriptions, copywriting and sales pitches must welcome the new normal.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Cut out the fats. Cut out the fluffs.

Be concise. Get to the point fast. In 2020, time is expensive.

4 – Data Privacy

Big data? Analytics for insights? While all of that is great, the key to success in 2020 isn’t about how much data you have or how advanced your data analytics is. It’s about building the much needed trust bridge with your customers.

The new consumers today, are very aware of the dangers of data leaks and privacy issues related to everything online. They will want to know exactly that happens with their personal data when they sign up with you.

Instead of adding the details in small fine prints, be open about how your business uses customer data. Explicitly sharing this information shows strong ethics with how you conduct your business. This is what today’s consumers are looking for.

5 – Video Content

Videos are quickly becoming the new normal for content marketing. While articles and media of other forms continue to have importance, videos are easily digest-able. That combined with ‘Time is Money’, means video content may become preferable as it allows individuals to multi-task. The same goes for podcasts.

Hence, the video content trend that has been growing the last few years may only get bigger as more people become active online.

So, how should you begin to tackle the New Marketing for your business?

Start with a full internal audit to gain insights on what you’re doing versus what the New Marketing means.

Once you’ve identified that gap, that’s when the real planning stage comes in. And if you’re not sure how to begin, get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to discuss with you on how to kickstart your New Marketing plan pro bono. #TeamEnablerSpace

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