Showing Support With Pride Month Products

showing support with pride month products
Just because we’re stuck in quarantine or lockdown, doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate pride month and its significance. 

It’s become the tradition for businesses and brands to offer products designed to commemorate the month of June for its historical significance to the pride movement. Pride month, along with its marches and celebrations are how LGBTQIA+ people and those who support them express their support for the work that is still continuing to gain acceptance and equality.

What are the Pride Month products available?

As with any holiday or occasion, businesses will jump on board to profit, but some of them have shown commitment to supporting the pride movement and what it represents. And, there are many brands that are giving back by teaming up with nonprofit organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community. Let’s start this alphabetically:

pride month products adidas
Source: Adidas


In this year’s Pride collection, Adidas offers everything from shoes, shirts, to fanny packs. One of the reasons that it might be good to support them is that they are a major contributor to The Trevor Project, which is the largest LGBTQIA+ suicide prevention and intervention organization for at-risk youth. 

apple: pride month products
Source: Apple


If we’re looking at tech accessories then you can’t look further than Apple to see amazing products, particularly with its Pride Band collection. They have an openly gay CEO Tim Cook leading their company, and they donate to multiple relevant organizations. A few examples are Encircle, The National Center for Transgender Equality, and The Trevor Project.

Kate Spade

They just newly released their Rainbow Shop collection and it’s super cute. It’s got jewelry and bags and they’re also donating to The Trevor Project. Kate Spade understands that style is nothing if you don’t do anything good with it. 

Source: MAC

MAC Cosmetics

We’ve talked shoes, clothes, jewelry, and bags. Now, let’s have a look at some cosmetics. For pride month, you can purchase Mac’s Pride-inspired lipstick case and a bunch of other good stuff when you shop their collection. They are active in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community as well as those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Source: Nike


Okay, it’s time to drop the other shoe. Nike first dropped their BeTrue collection in 2012 and it’s been huge for them. This year they are offering sandals, sneakers, T-shirts and more! They also donate to up to 20 LGBTQIA+ organizations through the Charities Aid Foundation of America.

Pride in the New Normal

We’ve talked about the usual suspects in fashion but there’s a new accessory in town and it’s the face mask. With the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks have become essential to wear in order to protect yourselves and the people around you. And the new normal dictates that the face mask will be part of fashion for a while yet. You can also show your support for the Pride movement by purchasing a Pride month face mask like the one offered by GQ.

There are many more brands that offer Pride Month products, but if I listed them all it would be over 10 pages long. These are just a few highlights of maybe the more well known brands and what they’re offering as well as what they’re doing to support the Pride movement. It’s controversial and easy to say that brands and businesses should not be profiting off of this, but we’re not here to discuss this. We’re here to show you what’s on offer and what’s being done to help the movement “move” forwards. During this time as lockdowns are easing and the world is healing, stay safe, stay proud, and keep sharing love.