Stay with business trends, what is SEM?

การทำ SEM และ PPC ในธุรกิจออนไลน์

We can’t deny that in present-day E-commerce or having a business on the online website is the main marketing way. Everyone needs to be on board because these days customers surfing the internet 24/7. As well as other marketing ways, online marketing must have a good strategy. Those strategies will involve SEO and SEM.

SEM - Google Ads
Example of wedsite advertising on Goole Ads.

You must have heard of it as “SEM” or Search Engine Marketing. Which is just making your website be on top among others by paying. This will make people spot and enter your website before the competitor website. You may think Just paying for website marketing is everything. But actually it is not that easy because search engines are more complicated. They have sophisticated systems to select what users searching for. Those systems are processed search results by an algorithm and AI. Each system has different standards to processed your website. For example, some systems will detect website trustworthily. Some know what are the contents that you have on your website and how good are those content!  You need to know how actually search engines work and having experience as you do marketing offlines.

SEM Tools which helps you analyze data with a fingertip!

Google Tools

As mentioned that nowadays SEM is essential for your business therefore many tools have been developed to facilitate website marketing. A great example is Google which is the biggest and most advanced search engine company. They have developed  Google Analytics, Google Trends , Google Keyword Planner and numbers of other tools. All Google tools will support you to make better SEM strategies.

  • Google Keyword Planner Will help you plan the way to get your website on top search results by suggesting right words for you to get found easier by telling how many people search on this words, showing if these right words have many competitors using it and approximate on how much you will have to pay for the right words.  These tools will cover all of making keywords process just it will not be able to make your marketing strategy.
  • Google Trends This tool will help you analyze trends of words that people search on google in chart form. It will give data on how many times people use certain words to find something. Where these words came from and what time people search these words at most.  This tool can be set a period of time that you want to know the previous trends to present . To compare with other words to see which one has the most search. You will be able to make Keyword Analysis and look for Brand Awareness from these data.
  • Google Analytics These tools will help collect data from your website visitors. Data that will be collected is so elaborated such as Source/Medium of visitors, Sale comparing to the source of marketing, Behavior of visitor which are genders, age, time spent on your website, did they purchase your product ? or what did they buy the most? All of this data will help you make a business decision or create further marketing strategies in the future.

PPC is one of the keys for SEM success

“PPC or Pay Per Click is the way of buying space on an Online Platform by auction. Who has better resources will have more space. Explanation of PPC might be not easy to understand but if I bought Google Ads for explaining, many people will be familiar with this word. 

The work process of Ads is by paying for keywords or searching words on the search result page. When people search for keywords that you purchased, your website will be on the search result page. The top rank the better because it will be more chance of people clicking on your website. But as mentioned before throwing money is not everything! Google systems are so sophisticated even sometimes if you pay the most, you might not be on 1st top rank. You must also have a good quality website according to Google algorithm.

Part of buying keywords is also one of the marketing plans therefore having keywords planing before is a must! First, divide each plan into a “campaign”. Secondly, determine Ad Group which is target users and target area of each campaign. Lastly, set keywords that you will buy according to Ad Group. Each campaign might not last the same period of time and the Keywords of each campaign will not be all the same. After having a different campaign. Actually, Google Keywords Planners as explained before will be a great helper to plan this.

PPC is not Organic!

Not only things that you need to buy but also free things in online marketing as Organic which is the number of visitors that came to our website without we have to spend on reaching them to come at first. This organic reach comes from having a good quality website and serves the need of people when they searching for answers, therefore, traffic to your website occurs without losing a penny for advertising.  

PPC and organic we can call these two as Push and Pull marketing, they are different in which PPC or Push marketing will focus on the number of visitors and mass marketing to get Return of Investment which is profit from selling to the website owner. Meanwhile Organic or Pull marketing will focus on sharing and participating rather than creating trends but making people talk about your website all the time and listen to what people need rather than pushing promotion all the time!

Either you will focus on Organic marketing or SEM that have to pay for advertising space, the most important things before building E-commerce are considering the quality of your website content, the function that actually serves the needs of consumers and always put the thought in mind that number of views is only one factor to make successful marketing but if people don’t like your website even money can’t make you become successful.