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Digital Darwinism – The Infinite Game of Digital Transformation

Digital Darwinism

Perhaps if we view change from a different perspective and approach it from a different angle, transformation may not be as daunting as it seems….


Digital Darwinism and The Concept of Evolution

Hi, Nit here. I recently had a conversation, a debate with a fellow digital marketer on the topic of digital transformation. Whether it’s still a thing… or just a hype that we have now passed, or what’s in store for us in the future.

At the same time, I’ve just finished reading this really good book on digital darwinism and I’d like to share some insights from this book in this short video. So we would have a more human-based perspective towards digital transformation. The word itself: digital transformation, came from the idea of evolution.

So this book that I really recommend you to read, Digital Darwinism is all about the concept of evolution. We all know how evolution works. Basically it’s about survival of the fittest. It’s about adapting or if you don’t adapt fast enough, basically you die off.

It’s the same for digital. You know, when you talk about digital, you talk about ad technology, you talk about programmatic ad buying, you talk about search algorithms and artificial intelligence and what not. But for a company, it’s not about how good you know technology or programming. It’s not about how good you are with algorithms. Essentially, it’s about how good you are with people. And this book really really explained it well.

The last chapter was basically on empathy. On the topic of transformation, a thought I’d like to share with you is: perhaps it’s not about reactive approach to new technology, new trends or trying to catch up. But it’s about slowing down and taking a human… a people approach to it.

Because as a business, when you try to change, it’s not just about yourself, you need to change the whole group. If you’re 10 people, it might be easier, but what if you’re a hundred people? A thousand people? It gets much more difficult. And at its very core, digital evolution requires transformation. It’s an ongoing process. Change is forever happening. It’s not something that comes and goes.

As long as technology is evolving, you can expect digital transformation to be part of your business.

So instead of trying to react to it, perhaps if you embrace it as part of your day-to-day operations. Change management per se, you might find that it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

You can encourage people to un-learn. Encourage people to re-learn. Encourage people to challenge themselves. To ask themselves that perhaps what they believe to be true, is maybe not true. I think that’s where change and really embracing digital technology may really happen. Thank you.

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