Enterprise SEO – Key Factors to Grow Organic Traffic

Many of us may feel there’s already a lot to have to learn about when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). And while it can be challenging to get a one-hundred page website to rank, imagine the exponential challenge of trying to get a bulky, gigantic website with more than a few hundred pages, to potentially thousands of pages to actually rank.

This is where Enterprise SEO comes in. Lets hear it from our technical SEO expert Khun Anat, what are some of the key factors to get large scale websites such as e-Comnmerce sites and community sites to rank.

Video is in Thai – see English transcription below.

English Transcription:

Entreprise SEO – Key Factors to Grow Organic Traffic by Anat Obom (Enterpreneur in Residence).

“What factors are there that can help ensure we have done the best for SEO? There are 4 important factors.

First factor is duplicate content. Check if your website has duplicate content. What does it mean? It’s basically content that is identical. For example you have a product A page that is copied over to another page on different URL with the exact same content. This is called duplicate content.

How do we fix this? Should we rewrite the content on the second page? Or should we point from the one page to the other to state which is the original content.

Second factor has to do with website speed. Website speed is very important. While it’s important for any scale website. Imagine you’re a huge website, such as a eCommerce website. The more pages and content you have, the more likely your website speed will suffer.

Hence, you will need to optimize your website speed. And there are many ways. Such as getting a bigger server, look into load balancing or optimizing on-page elements.

The third important factor is crawl budget. Google is a tech company, and as tech companies go, you allocate resources. So when the crawler visits your website, there is a certain ‘budget’. In simple terms, will the crawler visit your website for only 10 mins or 50 Mb? And when the threshold has been reach, the crawler will move on.

Hence, optimize so that the crawler gets to crawl the important content on your site as much as possible. Such as product information, pricing information and other product details. You’d have to first check how much crawling budget you’ve been allocated.

The fourth important factor is everything related to Technical SEO. There is an SEO periodic table. On this table there are many different ways to optimize for SEO, and there is a section on technical SEO. Make sure you refer to this set to optimize the technical SEO factors.

Today, we share 4 important factors to win it at Enterprise SEO. Stay tuned for more tips. Sawasdee krab.”