2020 Digital Marketing Trends Thailand

2020 Digital Marketing Trends Thailand

The year is 2020. Technology is influencing business and consumer behavior more than ever before, and if you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s vital that you know the digital marketing trends in Thailand for 2020.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is spreading awareness of your products and services, as well as engaging with your target audience, through the use of digital technologies. This is nothing new, and in the last decade, the digital marketing trends in Thailand have moved towards making use of not just the internet on computers, but mobile phones and all the applications that can display advertising. 

So, what are some of the digital marketing trends in Thailand for 2020?

These aren’t written in stone, but they’re definitely worth keeping your eye on as the new decade progresses. New technologies are constantly influencing how the world of marketing evolves and to stay ahead of the game you need to make sure you’re quick to adapt. So here are a few of the things you need to be paying attention to this year:

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Even though it’s mainly been VR that’s been creating all the buzz, AR is lurking on the horizon. As consumers, we don’t want to blindly make purchases in the hope that we’ll be satisfied with the products. We want to be sure. AR helps give us a taste of what it feels like to use it before deciding on the purchase or even what we’ll look like if the products in question are clothes and accessories. From a foldable VR glasses paper frame for your phone and an app that fills up with a soft drink every time you see its commercial on TV, to visiting the most luxurious hotels and locations around the world all from the comfort of your couch, companies are making use of VR with new ideas and better experiences for their customers. 


MarTech is the jargon for Marketing Technology. It encompasses the software and technological tools that marketers use to plan, create, execute, and measure their marketing campaigns. MarTech automates and streamlines marketing processes. It’s used to collect and analyze data, as well as give businesses various methods of reaching and engaging with their target consumers. 

Smart bidding

This falls under automated bid strategies through the use of AI and machine learning. Nowadays we have to be fast to stay competitive. Through the use of smart bidding businesses can expect increased conversions and better conversion values. If you’re going to be advertising online, you should be using this.

Social media

What about social media? Shopping! Most online marketing efforts focus on social media, which are the platforms that people spend most of their time on. The thing is, more and more people are actually shopping here. It makes sense. Businesses advertise on social media. Consumers come across these ads and are directed to pages or websites where they can easily make purchases. This 2020, digital marketers should be trying to create posts that make it easy for customers to shop directly on these social media platforms. Customers want a one stop, or fewest stops, experience. 

It’s not just that, most internet users aren’t interested in the same old ads regardless of where they find them. If you create custom ads that feel more personal, you can ensure that your future customers are attracted and interested in your ads. You can create more engagement through the use of a personalized marketing campaign. A company that consults or does digital marketing can help you with this. 

Advertising using the messaging apps that come along with social media is also becoming dominant. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line are 3 of the most popular messaging applications and are seeing a rise in advertisements. Making ads on these platforms can help businesses connect with customers directly on the applications they use as their primary means of communication.

Video marketing

It’s been on the rise for quite a few years. YouTube is currently the 3rd most used website in Thailand to watch videos, and among the most used video apps along with TikTok, Netflix, and even Facebook. Marketers have been taking advantage of these by placing ads on these platforms, but the quality and method of putting them up always has room for improvement, particularly if they can find a way to make the experiences more interactive and generate more of an emotional response. 

Voice search

The use of voice activated search has increased as the technology has improved. What this means for businesses is that they should be developing content that works well with voice search. The marketing department, or if they outsource it to another entity like us, should be creating conversational content that responds to typically phrased voice searches.

Now that you know, what’s next?

Every single bit of tech you’ve read about above is vital this year. In 2020, you need to latch on to the latest digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the game. It can be confusing and overwhelming, but that’s why there are specialists available to help. If you own, or run, a business that needs help stepping up its marketing game in the digital age, click here and see what we have to offer. Any service you need, from video marketing to MarTech, we’ve got your back. 


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