[Infographic] 2020 Content Marketing Jargons

Some interesting content marketing jargons! Some are a mouthful, but you definitely don’t want to miss on the many unique ways to go about content marketing.

1 – Content Shock

A phenomenon whereby the audience is basically paralysed by too much content and unable to consume more content.

2 – Cornerstone Content

Essential content that answers commonly asked questions, highlights key ideas and solves problems. In other words, valuable content that may be widely shared.

3 – Crowdsourcing

A way of generating ideas and content from the general public or a large group of people through communities and groups.

4 – Curated Content

Hand-picked content collected from various sources to display key insights, prove a point or provide insights on a certain topic.

 5 – Digital Sharecropping

“One of the fundamental economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production into the hands of the many and the concentration of the economic rewards into the hands of the few.” – Nicholas Carr

6 – Echo Chamber

The act of sharing and repeating information to amplify the idea but also purposefully omitting any potential competing information.

7 – Newsjacking

A clever way of getting your story inserted in parts of news pieces by preparing related content that is interesting and fast enough to potentially be curated as part of a breaking news series.