Paving the Path to Speedy Success with Google AMP

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Hello again! Long time no see! I hope you’ve all been well. Is your website loading well today? No? Have you ever considered implementing Google Accelerated Mobile Pages? No? Well, you should. It’s a must-need in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive digital age.

Google AMP or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages was first introduced in 2015 and officially launched in February 2016 in the following year. Its objective was simple; to push mobile performance above desktop performance. Why? As the years rolled by, the search engine giant saw more people use their smart devices to search. The shift was officially recognized in 2014 where, for the first time, mobile usage exceed desktop.

Currently, Google AMP powers over two billion mobile pages! Pages with AMP loads twice as fast as traditional pages without it. What does it look like? Pages with integrated AMP codes will appear in the search result with a lightning icon next to it.

Google AMP

As a business, it’s imperative to incorporate this onto your website and let’s be honest; having your site load uber fast is awesome! Also, you’ll have the opportunity to design your AMP page. Sweet!

Understanding Google AMP Stories

Don’t tell me no one likes to read a good story!

Google AMP stories give publishers the flexibility to design and create stories, similar to Instagram stories. What’s so different about it? No app installation required! Like I mentioned above, you can add in the code directly onto your website that appears in the search results page. Furthermore, users can swipe to your next articles until they’re ready to leave the site. On average, users consume up to 100k words in one day, and up to 92% of readers prefer to view ads that aren’t intrusive seamlessly. I do too.

Is it Easy to Create an AMP Page?

Yes and no. To do so, it requires a few technical know-how to do it. Don’t freak out just yet; there’s a page to help you set up your first AMP page. The page explains what you need to do step-by-step. If you’ve run into a brick wall, don’t fret; there are always experts to give you a helping hand.

Do I Need it?

YES! Say it with me: I need Google AMP! According to studies, websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load will cause users to leave immediately, and you can say goodbye to your conversions. You don’t want that now do you? Google AMP aims to remedy that and thus, helps to retain users on a page for as long as possible. Also, key importance about setting up AMP is improved page speeds.

Let’s look at this chart.

Conversion Rates VS Load Times on Mobile

As you’ve guessed, the longer the load time equates to fewer conversions and higher bounce rates. Furthermore, if your mobile site takes more than 15 seconds to load, 53% of visitors will leave. Spooky.

Mobile Page Load Times



How can AMP help with SEO? Having it is great and all, but it doesn’t change your site’s domain authority or page authority. What it does do is organically show up in Google’s search carousel, above traditional search results.

Google AMP is awesome, don’t you agree? It’s fast, instantaneous, and seamless. As a business owner, you can do so much with it; you can push forth creative articles, cut image load times by half, and slap on videos when desired. The possibilities are endless. There are no downsides to having AMP at your disposal when the benefits result with increased traffic and conversions. It’s a win-win situation. Don’t fall behind in the digital race; stay ahead of the game with Google AMP and dominate your industry as intended.


Narisa (The Wordsmith)