What Different Generation Do Online?

People born during different periods result in differences in perspectives, opinions and way of life.  Depending on when a person was born, accessibility to certain things vary accordingly. For instance, people born in the mid 1900s, certainly did not have coloured television, high speed transportation or advanced computers.  On the other hand, children born in the twentieth century probably can not survive a day without ipads, iphones, video games or the internet. This is called the generation gap and happens generation to generation because modern kids are unaware of the life that the older generation lived and people born earlier may struggle to adapt quick enough with the new and developing technologies.

The generation born between 1940 and 1960 are the Baby Boomers who are by this time, in their old age. Baby Boomers are known to be energetic, healthier and earned the most money amongst the other generations. Baby Boomers were able to make an enormous amount of money and drive earnings to reach the highest point possible, therefore most Baby Boomers had good lives and surplus in food, clothes and other supplies. Warren Buffet, who was born 1930 is a great example of someone born in this generation.  

Baby Bommers

Baby Boomers are potentially the market group hardest to target, however they are the excessively well off today.  Baby Boomers prefer to read online articles, blogs and watch online videos which advances slowly but provides sufficient information.  In addition, using search engines, emails and shopping online are some other modern day technology that Baby Boomers have adopted. Nevertheless, Baby Boomers are careful online shoppers and compare several offers proposed by different websites and brands before making the decision to purchase.  

The next age group born between 1965 to 1980s is recognized as Generation X.  Gen X is known to be the most well educated amongst the other two generations brought up in this article. Parents of this generation are likely to be divorced, and as a result the children were sent to daycare centers. The children during this generation may have had inadequate care from their parents.

Generation X

Even though Gen X grew up when the internet was just born, they picked up how to use the internet, go online and use online applications with ease. It is relatively difficult to introduce brand new merchandises to Gen X. Furthermore, attempting to connect with or draw their attention is significantly challenging due to the fact that Gen X usually have a specific reason to go online. Gen X likes shopping online and is rather impulsive when shopping. They trust brands they had previously used and most presumably to continue to consume products produced by the same brand. Due to this, the video content or advertisements posted ought to be crystal clear and in-depth. Besides shopping online, Gen X also engage in other online activities, such as social media: FaceBook and Twitter. As well as use the internet to seek knowledge about the latest health connected technologies and modern day medicine.


Amongst the youngest of all the two groups pointed out are the Millennials, also known as Gen Y, born during the mid 1980s to the early 2000s, is the generation whereby almost all uses the internet and goes online. During this period, communications and digital technology was introduced. To begin with, iPhones were created, then applications like Skype, Line, Whatsapp and many other applications were introduced.  Later video advertisements were displayed on websites on the internet. Due to these brand new, eye opening applications, it is apparent that everyone, children to adults and the older generations desire to explore and spend some time with these ready to use online games, social media or search engines. FaceBook, Youtube and Google being the most common and many others.

Millennials are accustomed to being online and handle their day-to-day errands online as well. Whether it’s keeping updated with friends, chatting online via various applications,  streaming music, television series or movies.

Overall, each and every generation has their own distinctive personality and had gone through different  phases of evolving technologies. Some has adjusted to these present day modifications while some continue with the traditional ways.