7 Digital Channels In a Nutshell

Today everyone has internet connection and are on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other websites that offer access to news, current events or to watch online videos. Hence, for the modern marketers, creating pictures, photographs, videos and other digital medium and broadcasting them through websites like Facebook and Youtube is an effective way to reach audiences at scale.

The main objective of digital channels is to get audiences to know your business, via illustrations, a video clip and other forms, that describes what your business and product is about. Communicating to viewers is essential, due to the fact that those audiences could be buyers or customers in the future.

Types of Digital Channels


There are over a million websites on the internet and each website offers different products or services. While creating a website for the business can help with the growth of the business, what’s more important is the content; posting the right information to the right audience at the right time. For instance, if your business sells cleaning supplies but you post your video clip on a website that sells construction materials, then the post will ever reach the correct target market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone who uses the internet uses search engines to look for information. There are a various search engines out there like Bing, Board Reader, CrunchBase and the most widely used being Google. Search engine optimization, thus involve efforts to increase the chance that a website and its pages would show up in the first pages of the search result page. Using the right keywords and content that gives relevant information is essential in order to make the business more well-known and referred to by the general public .

Social Media Marketing

Today social media is used by literally everyone from children to adults and to promote businesses. Social Media Marketing opens means to communicate with the target market and makes it possible to reach out to potential customers on a one to one basis. Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp or Facebook has been and will continue to be accessible ways to communicate with customers and get feedback reviews.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing comes in handy for sharing new information to recent and returning customers. Although the customers’ consent might be required before you send personalized emails to them, all customer contacts (telephone numbers and email addresses) should not be discarded because they can be useful in the future to re-activate customers.

Online Public Relations

The main purpose of Online PR is to promote the product online and tell customers that a particular product is still available in the market. This type of digital channel is similar to content marketing where infographics and video content is put to play. Considering, who would want to read a whole page of text when a short clip or an image could more easily explain what is being promoted.

Display Advertising

When visiting a website, a lot of times people get disturbed by these “pop ups” or square boxes blocking their view. These are Display Advertisements that were created and placed strategically to draw your attention to the product or services being displayed, even if it’s only for a short moment. Making viewers aware of the company existence may help in boosting the sales and also the popularity of the brand.

Pay Per Click

PPC could draw in potential customers in a very short time but it also depends on how much the company is prepared to pay in getting a single customer. Here advertisers are charged a fee each time someone clicks on the advertisement. Again, the type of context or image should be carefully chosen to draw customers attention.

While, most digital channels overlap each other to a certain extend, the best method to grow the business is not to only consider which of the above could bring the best business. On the contrary, it’s about which channels in combination do so.