What Is Content Marketing? (Newbie Guide)

Content Marketing Newbie Guide

Content marketing is very diverse.  There is no definitive definition as to what exactly is content marketing. A simple explanation would be a way of generating and spreading relevant information to targeted viewers who may potentially become consumers in the future. This could be done through various ways – for instance a short note, a photograph, a picture, or even a video clip. 

One of the key success factors of content marketing is deciding what to included in the advertisements as well as what to excluded. An effective advertisement does not depend only on how creative or versed the content marketer is in crafting the material, but  also depends on how the final result is perceived by the viewers.

To be able to connect with your audience there are countless types of content mediums which could help to draw the audience’s attention. Whatever is presented must give the right information the moment you view it and irrelevant information should not necessarily be highlighted.  In addition, Information which is projected should be loud, clear and straight to the point.

Type of Content Marketing Channels and Mediums

There are several types of content mediums.  A few main examples include blogging, reviews, case studies, infographics, video content and many more.  Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail.


Data is just data and provides value only when insights and information are harvested out of those data. Infographics are a neat way to visually convey to your customers the benefits of your services, products, and related statistics. This visual content can explain information much clearer and faster for the audience than written content.


Blogging for small businesses is the main approach to content marketing since the content would be shorter than books but offers a tremendous amount of information and it does not require a whole lot of time to compose. Building relationship between the company and active customer is important, therefore it is worthwhile to create useful and insightful blog content. Blogging also helps with the growth of the business. The contents of your blog needs to give significant information and keywords so that customer are able to search for it on search engines such as Google.


Reviews are one of the most beneficial types of content marketing. It gives prospects a feel on how your business is doing and if you have been helpful to your clients. Business can use this information to improve or make changes.  Moreover, clients can see how these feedbacks from other customers can benefit and understand the business better. Reviews also aid businesses to focus on making better changes.

Video Content

Video marketing is a great way to distribute information instantaneously and efficiently.  Watching a video also makes it possible for prospects to spend more time with your branded content. These videos could be uploaded online at various websites like such as Youtube, Facebook and several others.

So What is Content Marketing?

A simple definition would then be that, content marketing is a digital marketing technique that pushes information out to a group of people.  There is no definitive way to define content marketing as it is still developing just like modern day technology, and who knows where it ends.